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Centafarm is producing innovative and natural best quality feed additive products for animal feed industry. We have solutions for poultry, aqua, cattle and swine feed. Our commitment is to supply profitable production cycle for each flock by supplying their needs from the begging to the end. Producing our feed additives we only use state-of-the-art technologies run by highly skilled experts. We produce our top quality feed additives in Italy and Germany. At Centafarm, we always ensure that our poultry, aqua, cattle and swine feed additives are sustainable, safe and effective.

The global demand for poultry meat and eggs is growing at a very high rate. Additives are becoming more important to the poultry industry as consumer expectations continue to evolve, and producers are challenged to reduce the use of antibiotics in production. Our innovative feed additives are developed to help farmers meet the challenges they face. our products present total solution concept: they can help increase production and productivity, improve welfare, reduce environmental impact, and enhance product quality. In poultry segment we mainly focus, gut health, liver health, better digestibility, mineral support, powerful immune system and natural anti-bacterial solutions. Our commitment is to supply profitable production cycle for each flock by supplying their needs from the begging to the end. Our poultry product portfolio consists of feed additives and drinking water applications. Centafarm represents, best feed additives. European feed additive manufacturers
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