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  • ImmunoForce

    lnactivated Brewers’ Yeast which produced with unique method.
    A premium product produced without blemishing the contents of brewer's yeast. It represents the highest quality in its segment, no bakers' yeast, no bioethanol yeast or even from technical plants (e.g. paper industry). Very clean and clearly defined raw material; no additional sugars, enzymes, extracts, flavors, etc.; GMO free...

    Proven astringent, calming, and antimicrobial/bacteriostatic effects. Yeast products from other sources do not have these additional positive effects from hops!

    So stable and reliable quality is always and in any case guaranteed! yMos consists of the cell walls of real brewers´ yeast (100 % saccharomyces cerevisiae), which is obtained during the production of soluble brewers´ yeast extracts. During this process nucleic acids, purines and other metabolites are separated and mannan-oligosaccharides and beta-glucans are exposed on concentrated as well as specifically effective segments of the cell wall.

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