Centafarm SRL

Piazza Marconi 4 26100 Cremona Italy
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Centafarm stands as an industry leader in the production of revolutionary, all-natural, high-quality feed additive products for the global animal feed sector. Our innovative solutions cater to the dynamic demands of poultry, aquaculture, cattle, and swine feed, ensuring excellence from the inception to the culmination of every production cycle. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies overseen by highly skilled experts, our top-tier feed additives are exclusively crafted in the state-of-the-art facilities in Italy and Holland, underscoring our unyielding commitment to sustainability, safety, and efficacy.

In response to the soaring global demand for poultry meat and eggs, Centafarm rises to the challenge. As consumer expectations evolve and producers strive to curtail antibiotic use, our pioneering feed additives emerge as a transformative force. Our products embody a comprehensive solution concept, serving as catalysts to elevate production, productivity, animal welfare, environmental impact reduction, and product quality enhancement.

In the poultry segment, Centafarm is at the forefront, addressing critical facets such as gut health, liver health, digestibility improvement, mineral support, a fortified immune system, and natural antibacterial solutions. Our resolute commitment echoes in the promise of a profitable production cycle for each flock, meticulously meeting their needs from initiation to culmination. The poultry product portfolio at Centafarm encompasses an array of potent feed additives and cutting-edge drinking water applications, epitomizing our unwavering dedication to providing a robust, complete, and effective solution for our esteemed partners in the poultry industry.


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Centafarm SRL.

Piazza Marconi 4  

26100 Cremona