Meeting the protein needs of the increasing world population, industrial animal husbandry has strategic importance.As Centafarm, we help this strategic sector by offering important and innovative products. Centafarm is producing innovative and natural products for poultry, aqua, ruminant, and swine nutrition. Our products are used in animal nutrition in another country every day. While continuing to grow, we do not compromise on our high quality and result-oriented service understanding.

 CENTAFARM products   

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If you also want to offer better products to the animal husbandry industry in your country, use this new partnership opportunity and contact us ... Since our world spread is young, you can still find some new opportunities for different countries with Centafarm partnership...


QUALıty ın productıon and servıce! 

High quality is our commitment to all aspects of our business.

 We only use state-of-the-art technologies run by highly skilled experts. At Centafarm, we always ensure that our products are sustainable, safe, and effective. Innovation and product quality is an essential part of Cenatafarm's success.

Using the company's extensive scientific network and know-how on plant active ingredients, a new product generation helping to optimize feed intake and gut health prevention for livestock animals was developed. 

Our production and management system has Famiqs quality certification.

We produce our innovative and natural products for poultry, aqua, ruminant, and swine nutrition under Centafarm QS system which gives assurance to our partners, governments, supply chains, and consumers who uses our products and services. 


Five core and interconnected elements of our strategy

1. Being a trusted partner for the companies we serve.

2. Having a professional team on hand to answer questions and provide advice.

3. Innovative and effective feed additive portfolio to meet our customers’ needs.

4. Technical support.

5. Reliable supply-chain system to ensure orders are met and delivered on time.

Our products are covering the below solutions :

• Gut health management
• Feed efficiency
• Antibiotic-free production
• Egg farm performance management
• Mycotoxin management
• Mineral management
• Feed Hygine&Antioxidation

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